I’m all about human x monster friendships where the human is like “there’s this asshole at work” and the monster is like “should i eat them”

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playing with a limited palette

playing with a limited palette

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shout out to thorin oakenshield for getting lost in the shire not once, but twice

#not all those who wander are lost #(but some are)

too majestic to ask for directions

Even the ring wraiths asked for directions.

Even the ring wraiths asked for directions 

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baby arctic fox tries to eat a man alive

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I will stop reblogging it when it stops being accurate as fuck.

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what a FUN scene this was

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to all the young babies who follow me:

hello you precious angels listen to your wise old fandom grandma and don’t ask celebrities about your otp or fanfiction or fandom in general trust me babies when you are a few years older you will not regret heeding my words and will thank me for averting that massive amount of embarrassment

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